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RELENT Established in 2015 which makes heavy duty wooden,plywood, corrugated boxes along with covers and packaging related consumables The founders of RELENT are highly experienced in the field of packaging with over 10 years of making and delivering quality packaging products in India and abroad RELENT designs as per customer’s specifications, audits the costs involved, checks quality and then manufactures the product through an experienced team. RELENT was started with the sole focus in delivering high quality packaging products with reasonable prices and zero damage to customer’s products.

Why Relent

If quality of the product and diligent service is on your mind, then you choose RELENT. Our motto is to make packaging products of the highest quality and give honest and diligent service to our customers. RELENT believes businesses run on mutual respect and understanding hence RELENT strives to build that trust and respect with businesses across various industries and provide them with fine quality products and hassle free services. RELENT vision is to be India’s best Packaging products and service provider. Better packaging makes transportation easier and safeguards products from any sort of damage. RELENT aims to have 0% damage in products of our customers and hence making them grow.


Seaworthy Wooden box Packaging

We manufacture Wooden Box for export packing, local packing, air freight, sea shipment.Our wooden boxes are duly line with waterproof cover, desiccants, vci. Wooden boxes are designed for multiple handling with forklifts, crane, trolley & other equipments.

  • Termite proof
  • Easy maintenance
  • Longer life

Industrial Heavy Machine Packaging Boxes

We Offer to our clients superior quality of wooden boxes which are available in rubber wood, plywood and other material nishes. The services of experienced industry professionals and well developed infrastructure facilities further help us to bring in them desired customized nishes as per the specic needs of our clients.

Wooden Crates

Aiming to satisfy our prestigious customers, optimally, we present our customers with a quality assured and top class assortment of Wooden Pallet. Highly appreciated and accepted across the national as well as international industry for their sturdiness, recyclable nature, superior endurance and excellent nishing, these are highly demanded in the industry.We hold immense expertise in Offering our valued clients a huge consortium of Wooden Pallet Boxes. These boxes are carefully designed by the experts of our vendors keeping in mind the transportation requirements of dierent industries.

Plywood Boxes

PLYWOOD BOX Plywood Packing Box find their extensive applications in shipping material for domestic and export purposes. Moreover, our offered packing boxes are acknowledged for their strong construction, light weight, resistance against water & termite and compact designs. Packaging Boxes of canisters used in defence, special case is taken for anti-rust, cushioning, equal load and saddles are provided for stability.

We specialize in Packaging Boxes, and our equipment are designed, developed & processed to facilitate all kind of packing for any sort of hazardous goods packaging or non-hazards product and material. Our box qualifies all the export norms with precision.

Small Size Packing Boxes

We our to our clients high quality of Petrol Pump boxes which have extensive application in the petrochemical industry and outlet chains. Our industry expertise and services of experienced professionals assist us in providing them in dierent shapes, dimensions & sizes as per the specfic needs of our clients..

Corrugated Boxes

Looking for affordable and high-quality corrugated boxes for packing and shipping. Our cardboard packing boxes offer superior quality, durability, versatility. These carton boxes may be used for commercial packaging, gift packaging, storage, wine bottle packing and transportation, relocation, and much more.

Pallet with Palletisation

The palletization of goods consists in arranging the retail products on pallets in a specific way. More and more often, we can meet with the use of robots in this field. The robotic process very often runs on production lines. The use of industrial robots is mostly justified, due to the repetitiveness of activities and the weight and shape of the elements that need to be moved. The palletization of goods is a process that complements the logistics of products and their complete preparation for storage and further distribution. Using robots to palletize goods is becoming more and more common

Aluminium Foil Vacuum Packing Service

Vacuum packing is a method of packaging that removes air from the Al foil bags prior to sealing. This method involves placing items in an Aluminum foil package and removing air from inside and sealing the package. The intent of vacuum packing is usually to remove air from the vacuum bag to extend the shelf life of products with exible package forms. This packaging method is used to protect product from the corrosion or the rust. It is preferred for the seaworthy and Export shipments which takes months to reach the destination through sea where the humidity is maximum. High humidity in the atmosphere causes the rusting to the product. Vacuum packing prevents the product from oxidation by establishing the layer of thin lm in between the atmosphere and product. We are the manufacturer of Aluminum foil Vacuum bags and having high skilled workforce. In Industrial Packaging, Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing is also known as Aluminum Barrier Vacuum Packing, Aluminum Barrier Foil Packing, Aluminum Barrier Film Packing and Vacuum Barrier Film Packing, etc......

VCI Packing

VCI Packing is done by using the VCI bags covering around the product to be packed. Bag is then sealed from outer sides by HDPE Tapes and the product get safely packed inside. VCI is also known as “Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor,” “Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor,” or “Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor, VCI shrink lm, VCI stretch lm, VCI plastic lm. VCI bag are thin sheet bags which protects the product from the Rust, outer dust, moisture, water, foreign particles which may cause the damage to the product. VCI molecules adsorb, or temporarily stick on the metal surfaces, creating an invisible molecular barrier against corrosive elements such as oxygen, moisture, and chlorides. VCI packing ensures that inside product gets safely packed and will not be Afected by outer things. It is an effective method of packing used for the Export as well as Domestic shipments extensively by major industries for safety packaging of their goods.

Wooden Box Special Export Packing

We Offer to our clients superior quality of wooden boxes which are available in rubber wood, plywood and other material nishes. The services of experienced industry professionals and well-developed infrastructure facilities further help us to bring in them desired customized nishes as per the specic needs of our clients.

Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets

We offer to our client’s high quality of Two-Way Pallets which are an ideal choice for packing & transporting big items. Manufactured from hardwood, these pallets have the facility of getting lifted from two sides, which brings further ease in carrying and loading.


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